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New employee’s IT guide

Tampere University and TAMK

Welcome, new employee!

Welcome to use the electronic services of the Tampere Universities community.

Tools – laptop and telephone

Your unit/supervisor orders a laptop and telephone for you. The devices and SIM card are delivered as separate consignments to you on campus or at home. You will be contacted about the delivery of the computer. Use this guideline to begin using the devices and services.

Start using electronic services – how to proceed

Your TUNI user account is formed automatically three days prior to the start of your employment relationship after your contract has been saved in the HR system. In addition to the user account, you will also need multi-factor authentication to begin using the electronic services.

When you have received your pre-installed laptop and telephone, please proceed according to the instructions below. You need both the phone and laptop to initiate multi-factor authentication. Using electronic services with your phone requires that mobile device management (Intune) has been enabled in your device.

  1. Before you can begin to use your laptop, activate the TUNI user account in the service. Read the instructions: Username and password
  2. Log in to your computer in the network of campus. Outside the campus area, a VPN connection is required to set up the computer.
  3. Start using the telephone. Read the instructions: Use of mobile phones
    1. Set up multi-factor identification (MFA) in your phone. Read the instructions: Setting up multi-factor authentication
    2. Start using mobile device management (Intune).
      Read the instructions: Deployment of mobile device management in a new work phone
  4. You are ready! You can now sign in to the TUNI’s electronic services.
    Read also the quick guides of Windows and Mac computers.
  5. Apply for other work-related user rights in the service. Ask your supervisor to be added to the Teams groups you need.

When you need IT support

IT Helpdesk serves you via electronic service channels at 8-17 on weekdays. 

  • Chatbot 24/7 and Chat on the Intranet and a public instructions page.
  • it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)
  • Tel. 0294 520 500
  • Use the self-service channel to order services from the service units, request services and follow the processing of the requests.

Use the electronic channels to contact on-site IT support services on the campuses.

Take care of data security

The Universities community wants to ensure that users have a data secure work environment, among other things, with multi-factor authentication and mobile device management. Data can be secured by various technical means, but as a user, you are responsible for the safe use of your data and for protecting other people’s data.

The course on information security and data protection is mandatory for all the users of TUNI services. The course is delivered as online training in Moodle: Tampere Universities information security and privacy training. The course must take place within the framework of the transition period 16 Januray-30 April 2023 or else the username will be locked on 1 May 2023.

Read also a quick guide on information security.

Useful IT links

All IT instructions are available on the Intranet and suitable parts on the public IT guidelines page.

When you begin using a TUNI user account, you commit to complying with the terms of use of IT services. The guidelines and policies are based on legislation and the Universities community’s policies. Please also read about other IT service policies.

You have personal and group storage spaces at your disposal. Check out the comparison of different storage modes  at the Storage selection page.

Please also read about the recommended digital tools for staffteaching and research. Some of the software you can install self-service. The software catalogue contains further information on available software.

Tools for teleworking are available via the Remote working tools page.

The Digital Toolkits page contains tips about digital tools and the ways in which they can be used to support the work community and one’s own work. 

We notify about IT service breaks and interruptions on the Intranet and the page.

Published: 19.1.2023
Updated: 29.6.2023