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Information security when the agreement or right to study ends

Tampere University and TAMK

Information security and data protection when access rights expire

Expiry of the right to access electronic resources

You will no longer have access to University-provided electronic resources after:

  • you have finished your studies,
  • your employment contract ends,
  • your role changes so that you no longer meet the requirements for accessing e-resources 
  • your other affiliation with the University providing you with access to e-resources ends, or
  • your fixed-term access rights expire

Your user account will be closed 7 days after your right to access our electronic resources expires.

The student's user account is valid for 14 days after the end of the user rights.

User responsibilities upon the expiry of access rights

Make sure you take copies of any files and emails you may need in the future before your TUNI user account is disabled and you lose access to them. Departing employees (and non-employees with a similar status as employees) must consult their supervisor to identify the person to whom they must transfer important knowledge relating to their job to ensure the continuity of operations. This also applies, for example, to students who have been members of a research group.

All users who leave the University must install any software, which was made available to them based on their student/employee status, from their home computer.

The countdown for deleting your user account will begin on the seventh day following the expiry of your access rights. After the first seven days, your account will remain disabled for 92 days. You will not be able to receive emails to your University email address or access your home directories during this time. After 92 days, your account will be deleted. 

The measures taken by Tampere Universities when a user’s e-resource access rights expire are described in more detail in our service descriptions. 



Published: 1.2.2019
Updated: 2.10.2023