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Information security guidelines for setting up remote meetings and interviews using Teams or Zoom

Tampere University and TAMK

Use Teams or Zoom with your TUNI ID

When using Teams and Zoom with the TUNI ID, the services are provided in accordance with the data processing agreement between Tampere University Foundation and the service provider. This means that all data, including any recordings, will remain within the EEA area and the data processing will comply with data protection legislation.

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Presenting sensitive information and conducting interviews remotely

For patient interviews and the processing of anonymised patient data, for example in a teaching situation, TUNI Teams (recommended) or TUNI Zoom services (if Teams is not possible) can be used by following the instructions below:

  • You can use video call, voice call and screen sharing.
  • The chat functionality of the service must not be used to convey the personal data of the patient or interviewee.
  • Use strong participant identification whenever possible.
  • As a rule, the recording of an event is not allowed. In the case of a research interview and the recording of the interview has been agreed separately, the recording is possible.

    In Zoom, the recording goes directly to the researcher's / teacher's computer, and participants do not have direct access to the recording.In this case, take care to ensure that the recording is handled and stored safely. Recommended storage locations are Tuni Groups and Project folders. 

    In Teams, the recording is automatically saved to the recorder's OneDrive. The recording can be set to start automatically, so the recorder is certainly a organizer of the meeting. By default, the recording will have rights for all invited to the meeting, but if you do not want to do so, you can prevent this by deleting the rights as soon as the recording is completed. Open the OneDrives My Files / Recordings directory in your browser and organize your recordings from newest to oldest, making it easy to find a new record. When the recording appears, click the three dots next to the entry and select Manage Access from the drop-down menu. First, you can click Stop sharing, which will remove the sharing right immediately. After that, however, you may still want to remove the "People you specify can view" view by clicking on the three dots next to the link and clicking on the cross next to the link.

  • The recording is made by the interviewer or teacher on the personal computer used by him or her if the computer’s mass storage (hard disk) is encrypted and the data is processed in accordance with the instructions for processing patient data.
  • Meeting invitations cannot be forwarded.
  • To add people who have not received an invitation to the meeting, create a new meeting to which new people have also been invited. In this case, everyone who attends the meeting is invited and everyone knows who all the participants are.


Published: 16.11.2020
Updated: 11.1.2022