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About me

I am broadly interested in Human-Technology Interaction, including novel user interfaces, virtual and augmented reality, emerging and display technologies, 3D displays, multisensory and multimodal interaction, artificial intelligence, etc.

I am a co-inventor of the FogScreen

I have also been a visiting scholar for a total of 4½ years at UCSB Four Eyes Lab, most recently on 9/2017 - 12/2018. 


Senior Research Fellow

TAUCHI Research Center 

Fields of expertise

I research mixed reality, novel user interfaces, novel displays, AI, and their applications. 

I have invented several multimodal extensions for HMDs. Proof-of-concept prototypes of mid-air tactile feedback for a mid-air fogscreen (Sand et al. 2015) and for an HMD (Sand et al. 2015) enable to touch and feel synthetic 3D objects while interacting with them. A super-wide FOV optical design for HMDs (Rakkolainen et al. 2016; Rakkolainen et al. 2017) can cover even the full human FOV. Recently we have significantly extended the FOV of a standard VR viewer (Rakkolainen et al. 2017 ). We also invented a visual feedback system for HMDs, which surpasses the eye and its lens, sending light directly to retina (Koskinen et al. 2017), PTZ superzoom + 360° camera, and illumination for 360° cameras

We have also refined the previous gestural AR/VR interface (Rakkolainen 2003) with new UI concepts together with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). They enable embedded VR viewing and easy use of 3D UIs for smartphones (Rakkolainen et al. 2016 ).

Research unit

TAUCHI Research Center

Research fields

Computer science

Latest publications