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Hannes Peltonen

University Lecturer, (kansainvälisen politiikan yliopistonlehtori)
Faculty of Management and Business | Politics | International Relations

About me

Doctor of Social and Political Sciences (European University Institute).

Docent of Political Sciences, esp. International Relations (University of Lapland).

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Responsibility for courses

- POLPOP05: Political Problems in Changing Contexts (BA)

- POLKVS21: Advanced Research Methods in International Relations (MA)

- POLKVS22: Specialised Research Methods in International Relations (MA)

- POLKVS99: MA thesis seminar


MA and PhD theses


BA level

Fields of expertise

International Political Theory, Interdisciplinary Approaches to International Relations, Constructivism, Pragmatism, Intergenerational Justice, Climate Change, the Anthropocene, Human Security, International Responsibility, the Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian Intervention, Global Justice, International Ethics, Planet Politics, Conceptual Analysis.

Main positions of trust

Member of Faculty Council

Research topics

The Anthropocene and Climate Change, Planet Politics, Pragmatism and Its Problems, Global Intergenerational Justice, Rethinking Concepts, Ontological Pluralism.

Selected publications

Selected publications

“A Tale of Two Cognitions: The Evolution of Social Constructivism in International Relations” Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional, 60:1 (2017), DOI:

“Constructivism, Cognition, and Duality” European Review of International Studies, 3:3, pp. 76-86 (2016).

International Responsibility and Grave Humanitarian Crises: Collective Provision for Human Security (London: Routledge 2013).

“In or Out? International Community Membership: Beliefs, Behaviour, Contextuality and Principles” in Cambridge Review of International Affairs (2012). 

“Sovereignty as Responsibility, Responsibility to Protect, and International Order: On Responsibility, Communal Crime Prevention, and International Law” in Journal of International Relations 7:28, pp. 59-81 (Winter 2011). 

“Modeling Collective International Responsibility: The case of grave humanitarian crises” in Review of International Studies 36:2, pp. 239-255 (April 2010).