Eric Coatanea

Professor, tuotantotekniikka
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
| Sub unit: Automation Technology and Mechanical Engineering

About me

I am Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Systems Engineering. I am in charge of the Manufacturing research group. My interests include:

- Modeling and simulation of manufacturing systems,

- Early integration of manufacturing considerations in the system development process,

- Efficient dynamic control and development of additive manufacturing methods based on Directed Energy Deposition, 

- Knowledge coding in form of causal graphs, 

- Integration of existing knowledge and design of artificial neural networks topologies using causal graphs, 

- Dimensional analysis theory and its combination with causal graphs, 

- Causal graph networks for decision-making support, 

- Multi-Disciplinary Optimization and creativity support for Engineering,

- Early design process, automatic extraction and analysis of requirements, 

- Metrics for system design and manufacturing.   

Fields of expertise

I have skills in different domains: Manufacturing processes, Engineering design theory and practices, Systems Engineering, Mathematical methods for modeling simulation and Machine Learning. I published broadly in those fields during the past years.