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About me

I have worked as a researcher in Tampere University since 2010. In the beginning of 2020 I moved from the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences to the Faculty of Social Sciences. In my doctoral thesis titled ”Prekarisaation tunnemaisema – Vastustavat taktiikat, tunnelmat ja elämänpolitiikka verkon julkisuudessa”, I studied anonymous online discussions and their societal significance, and the different operational logics of social media platforms and anonymously used discussion forums. The sub-studies in my thesis concerned social criticism and counter-publics in online discussions, the dissemination of radical thinking and hate speech as well as discussions about precarity, generalized instability in modern societies, in the intimate public of the online forum.

At the moment I work in the Flows of Power project (Academy of Finland 2019-2022), where we investigate the agency of journalistic media in the flows of information, public opinion and power. My post-doctoral project is focused on economic policy journalism.

I graduated from the master's programme in media culture (University of Tampere) in 2009. In the past I have also worked as a journalist and copywriter.

Research fields

Media studies, journalism studies, social media, media literacy, reading practices

Selected publications

My publications are found in SoleCris and in ORCID