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About me

Eija Paavilainen, PhD, works as a Professor (Nursing Science) at Faculty of Social Sciences/Health Sciences in University of Tampere, from 2001. She has also a research position in Etelä-Pohjanmaa Hospital District, from 2002. Her main research and expertise areas concern families with children in challenging life situations. Her largest research projects concern family violence, child maltreatment, and family risks, and care services for families with children. Those research projects are or have been funded by Academy of Finland, Boards of Hospital Districts, Ministry for Social Affairs and Health, Finland, and European Union (ERICA PROJECT 2019-2021). She has over 200 conference presentations and over 200 scientific and other publications. She has acted in Editorial Board of Child Abuse Review during 2012-2017.  

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Erica-project - Stopping Child Maltreament through Pan-European Multiprofessional Training Programme: Early Child Protection Work with Families at Risk 

Project: Knowledge and cultural exchange in developing child and family welfare between Japan and Finland 

 Vanhemman voinnin arviointi ja perheen varhainen tukeminen lasten kaltoinkohtelun ehkäisytyössä

Selected publications

    Aho AL, Remahl A, Paavilainen E. Homicide in the western family and background factors of a perpetrator. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (early view).    

    Bradbury-Jones C, Appleton J, Clark M, Paavilainen E. A profile of gender-based violence research in Europe: Findings of a focused mapping review and synthesis. Trauma, Violence and Abuse (early view). 

    Ellonen N, Lepistö S, Helminen M, Paavilainen E. Cross-cultural Validation of the Child Abuse Potential Inventory in Finland: Preliminary Findings of the Study Among Parents Expecting a Baby. Journal of Social Service Research 2017; 43(3): 308-318. 

     Flinck A, Paavilainen E. Women’s experiences of their violent behavior in an intimate partner relationship –phenomenological perspective. Qualitative Health Research 2010; 20: 306-318. 

     Keiski P, Flinck A, Kaunonen M, Paavilainen E. Childhood experiences of female family-violence perpetrators. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care (early view).  

     Lepistö S, Åstedt-Kurki P, Joronen K, Luukkaala T, Paavilainen E. Adolescents’ experiences of coping with domestic violence. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2010; 66: 1232-1245. 

     Lepistö S, Joronen K, Åstedt-Kurki P, Luukkaala T, Paavilainen E. Well-being in adolescents experiencing domestic violence. Journal of Family Nursing 2012; 18: 200-233. 

     Lepistö S, Helminen M, Ellonen N, Paavilainen E. The family health, functioning, social support, and child maltreatment risk of families expecting a baby. Journal of Clinical Nursing 2017; 26: 2439-2451.

    Paavilainen E, Flinck A. National nursing guideline for identifying and intervening in child maltreatment in Finland. Child Abuse Review 2013; 22: 209-220. 

     Paavilainen E, Lepistö S, Flinck A. Ethical issues in family violence research in healthcare settings. Nursing Ethics 2014; 21(1): 43-52   

     Paavilainen E. 2016. Assessing child maltreatment risk in families. In: Risk and Resilience. Golbal Learning across the Age Span. (eds. Clarke C, Rhynas S, Schwannauer M & Taylor J.) Dunedin Academic Press, Scotland, UK, pp. 44-56.

     Suzuki K, Paavilainen E, Helminen M, Flinck A, Hiroyama N, Hirose T, Okubo N, Okamitsu M. Identifying and intervening in child maltreatment and implementing related national guidelines by public health nurses in Finland and Japan. Nursing Research and Practice, Volume 2017, Article ID 5936781

     Paavilainen E & Koivula T. 2020. The Middle years. A neglected population regarding domestic violence and abuse? In: The Routledge Handbook of Domestic Violence and Abuse. Eds: Devaney J, Bradbury-Jones C, Macy R, Överlien C, Holt S. London, Routledge, pp. 171-183. 

     Bekaert S, Paavilainen E, Schecke H. et al. Family members’ perspectives of child protection services, a metasynthesis of the literature. Children and Youth Services Review 2021; 128:  

     Leppäkoski T, Vuorenmaa M, Paavilainen E. Psychological and physical abuse towards four-year-old children as reported by their parents: A national Finnish survey. Child Abuse & Neglect 2021; 118:

Over 200 peer-reviewed publications, see:

About 200 conference presentations