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These sites use cookies. Cookies are small text files sent to and saved on the user’s computer. They do not harm the user’s computer or files. The information is used to analyse the use of the service, to develop the service and for online marketing purposes. We use both first-party cookies (cookies set by Tampere Universities community) and third-party cookies (cookies set by parties other than Tampere Universities community, which send data to these parties when you use the website).

First-party cookies

First-party cookies (set by Tampere Universities community) are required for the operation of some of the forms on the website (eg feedback form). We do not use these cookies to determine your identity, and the data collected by the cookies cannot be used to reveal any personal information about you that you have not voluntarily sent to us. In addition, first-party cookies are needed for the login of the authorised users to the website’s administration interface and for storing and remembering cookie acceptances.

Third-party cookies

We do not use third-party cookies to collect information about your visit unless you have given your consent. You also may opt-out of tracking from certain third-party cookies. The Your Online Choices service allows you to access and manage your online advertising and privacy settings.

Analytical cookies

To improve the content, usability and accessibility of our website, we use third-party cookies (Google Analytics, Hotjar, UXtweak and Siteimprove) on our website to collect information on, for example, how visitors use our website, device address or ID, web browser and/or device type.

These statistical cookies use unique character sets that identify your browser or device, for example, to track the time of visit and to distinguish you from other visitors to our site. The data does not allow an individual user to be identified as a named person.

We also use Google Tag Manager, which allows us to manage cookies and scripts on our site. For the Services, we use IP anonymisation, which means that the last few digits of the visitor’s IP address are deleted so that the visitor cannot be identified by the IP address when processing and storing data. Google processes information collected through cookies placed on the website in the role of a data processor for the purposes defined by the University of Tampere. Google may, for its own purposes, collect information related to the use of the account from users logged into a Google account, regarding the user's online activities and the sites visited by the user, for purposes consistent with its own terms and the consents given by the user to Google, which do not relate to the processing of personal data carried out by the University of Tampere.

More information about privacy settings for analytics tools:

Google Analytics opt-out
Hotjar privacy settings
UXtweak Privacy Statement

Third-party plugins

Our website includes links to third-party services and embedded plugins for such services as YouTube. By accepting cookies related to YouTube, videos can be viewed embedded on the website; by denying cookies, videos can be viewed by clicking a link.

Social media plugins have been deleted from the site, but the site has links to social media services. The content of these plugins comes directly from a third-party service and allows these parties to collect information on their users to the extent their own privacy policies permit and user's consents.

The site uses a third-party cookie-based Giosg chat service to enable users to contact the Universities community and ask questions. To provide this service, the unique identifier, the IP address, the browser and operating system and the pages that the user browses are recorded.

The customer service forms of the Universities community’s library use the TinyCC URL shortener service to shorten links.

More information about privacy settings for plugin services:

YouTube privacy settings
Google Privacy Policies
Facebook privacy settings
LinkedIn privacy settings
Twitter privacy settings
Giosg chat Privacy Statement
TinyCC - URL Shortener (Library) Privacy Policy
More information about Instagram advertising privacy settings available at and

Marketing cookies

The Microsoft’s script on the website creates a cookie in the website visitor´s browser that can be used to monitor the visitor’s online behaviour on the website. The information collected is the duration of the website visit and the pages browsed. If the visitor is an identified person, i.e., has received a marketing email or filled out a registration form, this online behaviour will be added to the person’s information in the customer relationship management system. The information can be used to target marketing efforts. More information about Microsoft’s privacy policies available in the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

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