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About me

I'm Professor of Nordic languages. My main main research areas are interaction in institutional settings and linguistically asymmetric interaction. My methodological approaches are conversation analysis and interactional linguistics, and I take an interest in applying my research findings and creating a dialogue with society.

Research topics

Interaction, dementia, mental health, conversation analysis, easy language, linguistic accessibility

Research unit

Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences; TACCU (Tampere Accessibility Unit)

Research fields

interaction, language, linguistics


Academy of Finland research project funding, 2017-2021

Research career

Post-doctoral researcher, Academy of Finland, 2005-2008

Academy research fellow, Academy of Finland, 2013-2018

Acting professor, 2016-2017, 2018-2019

Professor (full), 2019-

Selected publications

Lindholm, C. & Vanhatalo, U. (Eds.). 2021. Handbook of easy languages in Europe. Berlin: Frank & Timme.

Lindholm, C., Stevanovic, M. & Weiste, E. (Eds.). 2020. Joint decision-making in mental health. An interactional approach. UK: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Plejert, C., Lindholm, C. & Schrauf, R.W. (eds.). 2017. Multilingual interaction and dementia. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Lindholm, C. & Wide, C. 2019. Self-directed speech and dialogue in dementia care: the potential of co-participants’ contributions. Logopedics, Phoniatrics Vocology 44(1), 14–22.

Lindholm, C. 2015. Parallel realities: The interactional management of confabulation in dementia care encounters. Research on Language and Social Interaction 48(2), 176–199.