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Anneli Lehtisalo

Research Specialist
Research and Innovation Services | Research Development

About me

I work as a Research Specialist in the Faculty of Education and Culture. My task is to support and develop the research activities in the faculty by acting as an assistant and coworker of the vice dean for research.

I have worked in the university community for a long time in various positions, as a coordinator, researcher and university lecturer. I am a doctorate in the field of Media Studies from the University of Tampere, the School of Communication, Media and Theatre. I have also qualified as vocational teacher from the Häme University of Applied Sciences.


My duties include:

  • Participation in the strategic planning of the research activities in the Faculty as the secretary of TUKE, the research development group, and the coordination and implementation of the TUKE’s tasks,
  • participation in the development of doctoral education and doctoral program in the Faculty as a member of the doctoral education planning group,
  • supporting the work of the research groups and coordinating the cooperation between the groups,
  • assisting researchers in applying for funding together with Research Services,
  • strategic planning of the international research activities in the Faculty together with the vice dean of research,
  • informing researchers about research related topics, and collecting information on research,
  • developing the scientific communication in the Faculty,
  • managing research administration, including the processing of research permits related to the Faculty.