Anne-Maria Laukkanen

Professor, Speech Technique and Vocology
Faculty of Social Sciences
| Sub unit: Welfare Sciences

About me

Anne-Maria Laukkanen, PhD, is a speech scientist and voice trainer. She is a Professor of Speech Technique and Vocology at Tampere University, Finland, and Docent of Vocology at the University of Oulu, Finland. Her educational background is in Phonetics, Speech Communication and Voice Research (puheoppi), and studies/hobbies of drama and classical singing have guided her to and along the path of voice training and research. Her main research interests include voice quality in speech and singing, the effects and bases of vocal exercises, the effects and mechanisms of vocal loading, and the applicability of various research methods in vocological research. Since the 1990s, Laukkanen has carried out multidisciplinary research on the effects of semi-occlusions, such as phonation into tubes, while working in numerous international research groups and giving guest lectures.


Fields of expertise

Speech technique, voice quality and expression of emotions in speech and singing, vocal exercises and their effects and bases, effects and mechanisms of vocal loading, suitability of various research methods in vocology.