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About me

In 2020, I received a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with a specialisation in Process Control, Automation and Robotics from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. I made the M.Sc. specialisation in MS Automation Engineering at Tampere University, Finland in 2019. 

Previously, I worked as an intern for the Engineering Department of Grupo Antolin Autotrim in Spain. While doing my M.Sc. specialisation, I worked as a Research Assistant in the FAST-Lab research group, at Tampere University. Afterwards, I worked as a software engineer in Capgemini's ADCenter in Valencia, Spain. Then, in 2021, I worked as a Researcher at the FAST-Lab research group at Tampere University. Currently, I am a Doctoral Researcher at Tampere University working on the projects SHOP4CF from the EU H2020 funding program and AI-PRISM from the Horizon Europe funding program. 

My main research interests include Human-AI Interactions, Emotion-Driven technology, and Robotics.

Project links

Research unit

Future Automation Systems and Technologies (FAST-Lab)

Research fields

Human-AI Interactions, Emotion-Driven technology, and Robotics

Selected publications

See the links below (TUNI Research Portal, ORCID and Google Scholar)