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Student story: Shayan from Biomedical Micro- and Nandevices

Published on 3.11.2021
updated on 3.11.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
Shayan, Biomedical Sciences and Engineering student
Hi! I'm Shayan. I was born and bred in the north-western part of Pakistan, know as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (family hailing from the city of Swabi). I got most of my education from Pakistan. And before coming to Finland, I had already graduated with a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Bahria university, Islamabad (Pakistan).

Why did you choose this programme and Tampere University?

In Pakistan, right after my graduation I started working in the consultancy sector and later on moved into the start-up ecosystem. And from their I decided to pursue my passion of doing something in the HealthTech sector. And this is how I ended up searching for a degree programme that can be most suited with what I want to pursue and I luckily found out the right programme at Tampere university.

How has it been studying here?

Currently, the Master’s programme I’m studying is Biomedical Engineering with majors in Micro- & Nanodevices and minor in Commercialization of Medical Devices and Softwares. As, I was interested in start-ups (business side) along with my technical background, the right to choose courses freely gave me a boost in tapping my hidden skills in business and by taking those courses in the business department, helped me later on in deciding to pursue the said minor. The courses were really well taught with a connection to the real-world. And what you can really see is that the courses are built in a way that it supports the students to transition smoothly into the practical phase of their lives.

What kind of experience have you gained while studying?

Tampere University and Finland in general have given a lot of opportunities when it comes to traineeships and working on start-ups. I have an interest towards the business side of technological products and the commercialization phases. With that said, I have fortunate enough to have worked with numerous innovative start-ups in both Finland and Estonia. Plus twice got an opportunity to work as a summer trainee, once in Huawei back in 2020 and another one in Kyocera Tikitin in 2021.

How do you like Tampere and Finland?

It’s really relaxing living in Tampere as you are really close to the nature itself, from my experience you will find more forests and lakes then houses in Tampere. The Finnish culture is something I am inspired about and the reason is that I found out that it has a strong identity of itself and one can find the closeness of it to the nature. The things I recommend for the newcomers to have in the bucket list to experience the Finnish culture are, to take Sauna bath in winters, hike in summers, and enjoy a day out either at a lake or Islands/ archipelago.