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Student story: Anna from Science and Engineering

Published on 3.12.2021
updated on 3.12.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Anna, a graduate from Science and Engineering
Moi! I am Anna, a Master’s student at Tampere University. Originally, I come from Moscow, Russia where I have completed my secondary education.

Why did you choose this programme and Tampere University?

My journey here has started from application to the Bachelor's programme in Science & Engineering. I have always been interested in working on the verge of technical and natural sciences and the Bachelor's programme here provides you with a perfect background for that. Another great thing is that you don’t need to choose your future specialization right away and have a lot of opportunities to figure out what you really like to make a conscious choice. 

How has it been like studying here?

During my Bachelor I have chosen Physics as my major supporting it with Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering minors. Now, that I am doing my Master’s in Biomedical Engineering I feel that this kind of background is perfect since I don’t have to learn the physics and mathematics behind what we are doing and can dedicate more time to the actual subjects.    

What kind of experience have you gained while studying?

For the past couple of years, I have been actively participating in the activities of Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) and Tampere Science and Engineering Students’ association (TaSciEn). In the year 2021 even elected as its chairperson. I have also taken up work as a junior engineer in a medical laser company and starting from my 2nd year of studies have been combining University with work. Even though it gets busy at times, the possibility to apply gained knowledge on practice is mutually beneficial to both: my studies and career. 

How do you like Tampere and Finland?

Compared to the megapolis I come from, Tampere might seem like quite small and very peaceful city. It is located so close to nature that you might find yourself in the forest or near the lake after 10 minutes’ walk from the city center. For a nature-lover like me it is an actual dream. It gives me an opportunity to fully concentrate on what I am doing and connect with myself. In my free time, I try to explore Finland more. The beauty of nature and the attention Finns put into preserving it is something I wish others could learn from. 

The decision to study in Finland has drastically changed my life. The amazement I experienced when I first saw our campus seems to be never-ending as I discover more and more fascinating things in what I learn, work with or see in the streets. I guess, you will have to come and see it for yourself!