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Student story: Ali from Biomedical Micro- and Nanodevices

Published on 12.11.2021
updated on 12.11.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
Picture of Ali, Biomedical Sciences and Engineering student
Assalamu-Alaikum and Hello, I am Ali Nadeem from Faisalabad, Pakistan. I have studied and graduated in master’s in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering with majors focusing on Micro- and Nanodevices at the Tampere University.

Why did you choose this programme and Tampere University?

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics and Control Engineering from Pakistan with majors focusing on Biomedical Engineering. In addition to my degree, I worked for more than 3 years in the biomedical industry which insisted me to study more in this area specifically in the R&D sector. I selected Tampere University because I got scholarship and it was offering the required courses needed for my future work execution.

How has it been studying here?

The studying environment in Finland is completely opposite to what I have experienced before in Pakistan. Initially, I found it hectic as you have to do all of the things on your own like selecting courses, enrolment and signing up for the exams. Later, I got used to that and eventually I found it very comfortable and reliable. Moreover, the grading system and selection of free choice studies allows you to study different areas of engineering sciences without worrying about the grades.

What kind of experience have you gained while studying?

I worked as research assistant during my master studies in the intelligent clothing group under the supervision of Johanna Virkki. During my tenure as a research assistant, I have gained experience towards the R&D sector of intelligent clothing and wireless communication of textile electronics. I also completed my master thesis with the same group and throughout my working tenure I have enjoyed a lot because of everyday learning process and the opportunities provided by my supervisor in the said field.

How do you like Tampere and Finland?

To be fair, in my early days when I arrived in Finland, I was depressed and wanted to fly back because of the heavy winters and Finnish culture. However, as the days progressed, I become used to the weather and the culture and started liking the country. I liked the way the locals treat the international individuals and their way of helping others. It was wonderful when the summers arrived in Tampere as you can visualize the natural beauty of the city. Moreover, I have long terms plan of staying and living in Tampere as before my graduation I was offered a full time role in a well reputed company in the R&D sector.