First business camp in Chile

Chilean business camp
Students worked enthusiastically to resolve real-life business problems.

During the last two weeks, TAMK has been working together with Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile to arrange a Business Camp. In the Camp, students were in charge of resolving complex real-life business challenges. Four important Chilean companies, Banco Internacional, Metro de Santiago, Melon and Comberplast, presented their challenges to the students last Monday. The multidisciplinary student teams had one week to propose a solution.

Each company announced their winning team last Friday in an atmosphere of excitement and joy. The companies chose their winners according to the innovation and practicality of the presented ideas. The winners were awarded with a monetary prize of 500 000 pesos.

To be able to facilitate the process, the Chilean teachers received training and mentoring on team coaching methods from two TAMK team coaches, Hanna Saraketo and Tiina Koskiranta. It has been both a rewarding and challenging task for the experienced team coaches.

“When one sees real life change processes in teachers who have been working with students for a long time, the feeling is extremely rewarding. In competitive and individually oriented working cultures, it is a huge paradigm change. We both are impressed by their ability to throw themselves into the team learning process and getting involved full hearted”, Koskiranta and Saraketo tell.

"Sharing is caring" says Virpi Heinonen, responsible for the TAMK Global education projects in Latin America. She is the initiator of the joint cooperation together with Andres Zahler and Fernando Leford from the UDP.

We are already excited about the second part of this initiative: 25 UDP students will arrive to TAMK Proakatemia to work with our teampreneurs in real business cases in Finland. Warm welcome!