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What is OASIS and How To Use It

Q: Who is OASIS for?

A: OASIS is for everyone. Whether a student, an employee or a visitor of Tampere University, you are welcome!


Q: What is OASIS for?

A: You are free to use OASIS as you like, for instance for playing games, studying, socialising, or organizing and attending OASIS events. OASIS events are always open for everyone and free of charge. Anyone can organize an OASIS event.


Q: Is OASIS a silent space?

A: No, so no need to be quiet. However, loud noises and shouting may disturb working members of staff in the offices nearby, so please be considerate.


Q: Can I use the projectors?

A: Sure. To operate them, use the OASIS iPad on the wall near the entrance.


Q: Can I move the furniture?

A: Yes, you’re very welcome to do so (within the confines of common sense, of course).


Q: What are the opening hours?

A: The opening hours are updated here.


Access to Books and Games

Q: How do I access the book collection?

A: You can reserve a spot at least one week in advance to read the books.


Q: What books can I find in the collection?

A: The complete Gamelab book collection can be found here: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/TampereGamelab


Q: Can I play on the computers/consoles and if so, how?

A: You may use our computers freely. To access the consoles, make a spot reservation at least one week in advance or visit our monthly OASIS Game Days.


Q: I can’t log in. What do I do?

A: You can find the login credentials for PC, Steam and Origin on each of the PC keyboards.


Q: What games can I play and on which platforms?

A: The complete OASIS game collection is listed here, including platforms. Some games and platforms are only available through a spot reservation or are free to play on OASIS Game Days.


Q: Can I play board games?

A: You can freely play the board games that are behind the open doors at any time. To access the games that are behind locked doors, make a spot reservation at least a week before.


Q: Can I play my own console games in OASIS?

A: Yes, but you must make a spot reservation at least one week in advance to access the consoles.


Q: I want to play/read now. Why do I have to make a reservation a week before?

A: We need to leave time for the volunteer key masters to handle the request and prepare to be present to help you.


Q: Can I borrow or rent consoles/board games/books?

A: No, they are only available for use within OASIS.


Events in OASIS

Q: I wanted to use OASIS but there was an event. What to do?

A: All events during the opening hours are open for everyone, so join the event! You can still also use OASIS as long as it does not disturb the event.


Q: Where can I find what events are organized in OASIS?

A: All upcoming events are listed on the Event page, and advertised on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Q: Can I organize my event in OASIS?

A: Yes, anyone can organize an OASIS Event Mon-Thu 10-17 and Fri 10-16. OASIS Events are always open for everyone and free of charge. Private events are possible outside the opening hours Mon-Fri 17-20. Make an event application at least a week in advance.


OASIS Key Masters

Q: Who are the OASIS key masters?

A: Key masters are volunteers of staff and students who upkeep, evolve and basically love the space. Key masters work hard to make OASIS the best it can be, and are allowed for extended access to the space.


Q: How do I become a key master?

A: Applications are open in the beginning of each study year for all UTA students and staff.


Research in OASIS

Q: I heard I’m being filmed. Is this true?

A: Yes. OASIS is also a research space, and following the use of the space is part of this. The data is used only for research purposes and is strictly confidential.


Q: Why does the space keep on changing?

A: Change is in the heart of OASIS, and there are different experiments or arrangements each season.


Q: Where is the Palaveripalju? I want it back!

A: Palaveripalju (a bathing barrel filled with ballpit balls) was a playful experiment for one season. Currently, there are no plans to bring it back – but you never know!


Following and Helping OASIS

Q: How do I find out about new games/equipment/books/magazines/comics?

A: Please check our regular social media updates on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for any new stuff.


Q: Something is broken/wrong in OASIS. How to let you know?

A: You can call the key masters at 050 318 7659 or contact us on our official Facebook page or on Twitter.


Q: How can I give feedback or make suggestions?

A: We’ll gladly receive any feedback from you on our official Facebook page or on Twitter.


Q: Does OASIS accept donations?

A: We accept all kinds of donations that benefits the space, such as Steam codes, books and games. For further details, contact elisa.wiik [at] uta.fi.


Ask More!

Q: I’m in OASIS and need help with X. What do I do?

A: The OASIS key masters may be contacted at 050 318 7659.


Q: My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I ask more?

A: You can call a key master (050 318 7659), contact us on Facebook or Twitter or send email to OASIS coordinator (elisa.wiik [at] uta.fi).