Anna Heikkinen

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Anna Heikkinen

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PhD, Senior Lecturer (Management and Organisations) and Docent (Business ethics and sustainability) interested in corporate sustainability, urban nature, stakeholder engagement, climate change, critical examinations of business’ role in the society, business ethics, and food waste. Currently affiliated with the following research groups and projects:

Business to Nature (B2N) Research project, www.b2n.fi 

Circular Economy Catalysts, CICAT2025 Strategic Research Council project, www.cicat2025.fi

RESPMAN Research Group, http://www.uta.fi/jkk/en/research/themes/respman.html

Wastebusters Research Group http://wastebustersfinland.blogspot.fi/

For a full list of publications, see: https://solecris.uta.fi/crisyp/disp/_/en/cr_redir_all/fet/fet/sea?direction=3&id=1554740  


Senior Lecturer, Management and Organisations, School of Management and Business, Tampere University

Academic Director, MDP in Responsible Business, School of Management and Business, Tampere University

Adjunct Professor (Docent), Business ethics and sustainability, University of Eastern Finland