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Valtteri Vähä-Savo

Grant Holder, Post Doc Research
Tampere University
phone number+358401901347
phone number+358503298821
City Centre Campus

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Tampere Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies , Tampere University. I am currently working on my project Evaluating Inner Truth: Technologies of evaluation and testimonial practices in assessing the “inner truth” of individuals, funded by the Kone Foundation (2021-2024). I have been a member of the Tampere Research Group for Cultural and Political Sociology (TCuPS) for several years. I am also a board member of the European Sociological Association RN-15: Global, transnational and cosmopolitan sociology. I also belong to the Research Group for Epistemic Matters (REM). My research interests include science and technology studies, sociology of valuation and evaluation, gender studies, sociology of associations, analytics of governmentality, global and transnational sociology, global governance, cultural studies, and neo-institutionalist sociology. 

Selected publications

Hiitola, Johanna, Zeinab Karimi & Valtteri Vähä-Savo (2021) Epävarmuuden jatkumot: Prekaarisuuden muodot ja sukupuolistunut väkivalta pakkomuuttajien elämänkuluissa. [Continuums of uncertainty: Forms of precarity and gendered violence in the lives of forced migrants]. Sukupuolentutkimus-Genusforskning 34(3), 34-46. 

Vähä-Savo, Valtteri, Jari Luomanen & Pertti Alasuutari (2021) Between rationalism and romanticism: metaphors in managing conflicting institutional logics in science and technology parks. Culture and Organization. 

Hiitola, Johanna & Valtteri Vähä-Savo (2021) Reassembling attachments: place and well-being among Afghan refugees in a small rural town. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.  

Hiitola, Johanna & Valtteri Vähä-Savo (2021) Genres of Departure: Forced Migrants’ Family Separation and Personal Narratives. Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 11(3), 235–249. DOI: 

Vähä-Savo, Valtteri (2020) Cross-national comparisons in epistemic governance: analysis of parliamentary debates from eight countries. Contemporary Politics, 26(5), 597-615. 

Vähä-Savo, Valtteri (2020) Decoupling spheres of belonging in the Nordic welfare states. In Hiitola, Johanna, Kati Turtiainen, Sabine Gruber & Marja Tiilikainen (Eds.) Family life in transition: Borders, transnational mobility and welfare society in the Nordic countries. London: Routledge, 10-20. 

Vähä-Savo, Valtteri, Jukka Syväterä & Leena Tervonen-Gonçalves (2019) The authority of meta-organisations: Making the International Association of National Public Health Institutes attractive to prospective members. European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, 6(4), 474-502. 

Alasuutari, Pertti; Valtteri Vähä-Savo & Laia Pi Ferrer (2019) National Self-Image as a Justification in Policy Debates: An International Comparison. New Global Studies, 13(2), 167–189. 

Alasuutari, Pertti & Valtteri Vähä-Savo (2018) Owning worldwide principles: The case of American exceptionalism. Social Science Information, 57(4), 533-552. 

Vähä-Savo, Valtteri (2016) Sektoritutkimuksen genealogia. [Genealogy of Sectoral Research]. Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 2138. Tampere: Tampere University Press.