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Courses for exchange students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Although the three higher education institutions in Tampere formed a new community in January 2019, the course selection still follows the former distinction of having three separate universities. In other words, students can not freely select courses from all campuses.

Please note that the Covid-19 pandemic may still affect autumn 2022 semester exchanges at TAMK.

You can choose courses from your field of study and from free-elective courses. Please use Online Learning Agreement for your exchange studies. The learning agreement is preliminary until confirmed with your TAMK coordinator after you have started your exchange.

NB! Students applying for Media & Art studies: The structure of the studies includes 13 minor modules (30 cr.) and the incoming student should choose only ONE minor per each semester.

Autumn 2022 minors: Drawing and Painting, Moving Image, Live Event Production and Technology, Sound Design, Visual Design, Web and App Design and Development, Cultural Export, and Emerging Media Production. 

The course offering for the autumn 2022 semester:

Biomedical Laboratory Science (Coming soon)

Bioproduct Engineering

Business and Administration (see International Business below)

Construction Engineering and Construction Architecture

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering


Free-elective courses

Hospitality Management

International Business; students admitted to either Business and Administration or International Business can take courses from both:

Laboratory Engineering 

Media and Arts (Autumn 2022) (NB! Choose only ONE minor)

Media and Arts (Spring 2023)

Mechanical Engineering



Radiography and Radiotherapy (Coming soon)

Social Services

Software Engineering

Vehicle Technology

Exchange students enroll to courses after they have started their exchange at TAMK. The detailed timetables (with course days, times, names of teachers, classrooms, etc.) and all instructions will be given during the Welcome Week.

  • Welcome Week on 15 - 19 August for the autumn 2022 semester