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Internationalisation in studies

During your exchange studies, you will gain regional expertise and specialist competencies for your future career, make valuable contacts and lifelong friends. Get to know your opportunities to internationalise at TAMK! We'll help you with student mobilities and internationalisation at home:

Student Mobility Services outgoing.tamk [at] (outgoing[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi).

TAMK's degree students can complete a part of their degree studies abroad. After their first year of study, all degree students enrolled at TAMK can go on a study exchange. You can apply for an exchange several times during your studies, and the length of an exchange is 3-12 months at a time. As a TAMK degree student, you can also complete the internship included in your degree, either in full or in part, abroad.

Study exchange abroad

How and when can I apply for an exchange?

The application period for a student exchange is twice a school year. In September you can apply for spring exchanges and in January for exchanges lasting the following autumn and the whole academic year. The start of the application period will be announced in the intranet. Detailed instructions for applying for an exchange are compiled in the intranet.

Application instructions (requires intranet login)

Where to go on exchange?

TAMK has more than 300 partner universities in more than 50 countries. Exchange destinations can be found in the SoleMOVE system. Select TAMK from the drop-down menu and click "Exchange destinations abroad and feedback". Then just plan an exchange!

Exchange destinations

How to finance your exchange?

Students who go abroad to study can apply for a scholarship from TAMK for student exchange. Students are also entitled to their Kela study grants during the exchange period (Kela's study support and housing supplement, adult education support, etc.). A student can also apply for a family grant if he or she has dependent dependents.

Familiarise yourself with exchange financing options (requires intranet login)

Internships abroad

Internship abroad

An important part of the university of applied sciences degree is the compulsory internship, the scope of which is 30-120 credits, depending on the degree. The internship can be completed abroad either in full or in part. An internship abroad can also be accepted as part of an internationalization package.

Familiarise yourself with internships abroad (requires intranet login)

When and how can you apply for an internship?

Applying for internships abroad is possible throughout the year. Students acquire the internship primarily by themselves. You can find available internships from the -service. Degree programme representatives in charge of internships and the Student Mobility Services will help the student to get started if necessary.

Get to know and log into the JobTeaser-service

Financing internships

Students undertaking an internship can apply for an internship grant from TAMK. You should also find out if you are entitled to study social benefits during the internship (eg Kela's study grant and housing supplement).

Why internationalise?

International competence is an asset in the labor market. In today’s multicultural society, it is necessary to be able to communicate and move globally in the labor market. You can also internationalise at home. So explore your many possibilities!

Internationalisation at home

International student tutoring

As an international tutor, you will increase your multicultural skills, language skills and get credits. To top it all off, international tutoring is fun! So feel free to get involved in international tutoring!

Get to know international tutoring

Internationalisation module

Include internationalization studies in your curriculum. Put together an internationalization package and show employers that you are an invaluable addition to your work team!

Internationalisation module

Double- and joint degrees

In this context, a double degree means that you complete a part of your degree studies at TAMK's partner university and, upon graduation, receive a diploma from both TAMK and the partner university. A joint degree, on the other hand, refers to a degree program developed and organized jointly by two or more higher education institutions, which usually leads to a single diploma.

Double- and joint degrees

Tampere Summer School

Tampere Summer School, a joint summer school of the University of Tampere and TAMK that is held in August, offers the opportunity to complete summer studies in international groups. All courses are conducted in English and consist of courses in accordance with the university curricula. Participation is free for TAMK degree students, so check out the offer and add interesting courses to your degree!

Tampere Summer School

Language studies

The Language and Communication Blog provides up-to-date information on studying languages and communication at TAMK, as well as closely related internationality and intercultural communication. The blog also has a list of links for independent study of languages and communication, and a comprehensive information package on languages and communication has been compiled in the Student Guide.

Language and Communication Blog