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Good to know before you graduate

The following links concern you on your final year of studies and your graduation. You will complete your mandatory courses and see that you have enough free-choice studies. Your Bachelor’s Thesis takes up a lot of your time, as you show your ablity to apply knowledge and to develop work life. We will link you to the relevant pages in the TAMK Student's handbook to help you find your way.

What is the process of writing my Bachelor’s Thesis?

In your Bachelor’s Thesis you show your ability to apply in practice the skills and knowledge you have gained during your studies. The process of working on it will deepen your professional competence. You are not left alone to work on the thesis. The VIHI programme and your supervisor will help you to move from one stage to another. You are expected to make a plan and stick to it. The topic of your thesis should be something you are really interested in. It should meet a practical need. Ask yourself what the current trends and needs are and, above al, what is your passion.

Information about the thesis process

Getting close to graduation – what should I know?

It is possible to graduate from TAMK all round the year except in July. Make clear plans in the beginning of each term to ensure you will be able to complete the courses. Your teacher tutor or student counsellor can help you to check you have completed all the required courses.

Schedules for graduation

How do I get the certificate when I graduate?

When you have all your grades in your individual study plan you have only a few steps left for graduation. First, you are asked to fill in a survey that all graduates in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences get. After that you can apply for your graduation and certificate.

Check list for graduation

How do I apply for an extension?

If it begins to look impossible to graduate in the scheduled time you can be granted an extra year. Even after that it is possible to apply for extra time. Plan how you will complete your studies together with your teacher tutor/coach or with your study counsellor. Then send in an application in the credit transfer system.

Information about applying for extra time​

How do you study in the Open University of Applied Sciences?

Open University of Applied Sciences is for anyone to take part in courses where there are free spots. It is also a way for someone who has not been granted extra study time to pass courses and then apply to have their right to study returned. After you have completed your degree you can study in the Open University of Applied Sciences for free for one year. And you are always welcome back later, too.

Studying at the Open University of Applied Sciences

Life-long learning and further studies

Finished your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at TAMK? We would like to see you here again! For example, work for two years in positions that require the Bachelor’s degree and then you can apply to do a suitable Master’s Degree with us. The Master’s programmes in Universities of Applied Sciences are always geered to develop worklife. If you want a more theoretical approach, you can immediately apply to continues studies in a University. If teaching inspires you, you can apply for teacher training.

Opportunities for life-long learning and further studies

Giving feedback is the way you can change things

We ask students to give feedback and in that way we develop TAMK. You are asked to tell what you thought of each course = course feedback. After giving it you will be able to see your grade. Every year we ask how things are going for you in general = annual feedback. Just before you graduate you are asked to review your whole time with us = graduate feedback. The feedback from all students are analysed and this way we notice what most of you see as the points to develop.

Information of feedback

What do we know about those who have studied in TAMK (=the alumni)?

All Universities of Applied Sciences are interested what happens to the graduates. So after five years from your graduation you will receive a request to tell about your career and how useful you have found your studies. This information is taken into consideration when degree programmes develop their curricula and TAMK its practices.

Graduates in worklife

Good to know as you are transferring to worklife

Moving away from TAMK in worklife may seem like a big step. When you do get a job make sure you know about your rights and duties as an employer. In Finland, most employers want to join or trade union or an unemployment fund.​ If you do not have a job when you graduate or you work part time, make sure you know your status with the immigrations services and the employment services (TE-keskus) in the area where you live. Contact KELA to see about your economical situation.​ ​A very important aspect of life after completing your degree is to keep and widen your networks. Your fellow students are a starting point, but start taking part in seminars and other events related to your field – and other fields, too. Have an open mind and take on new challenges!