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Good to know in the beginning of your studies

This page is a collection of themes we thought are important when you plan and begin your studies – and take part in different aspects of student life. By clicking the themes you are directed to the pages of the student handbook which gives you detailed information. We hope you visit these pages many times during your studies!

Welcome Week (orientation)

Orientation days are organised by the Student Union Tamko and/or the degree programme. You will meet your tutors who are committed to helping you throughout your first year of studies. The tutors will show you how to use the many ICT-systems in TAMK and help you understand the way things are done in your programme. They will also help you to navigate in the campus.

Orientation into your studies

You need to plan your studies

The curriculum of your programme describes all the courses you are supposed to take to graduate. The learning goals of each course are something that you should be very familiar with. Once you know your curriculum you can start to create your individual study plan (ISP). It might look similar to your curriculum or you may ask for it to be personalised because of your special interests.

More information on planning your studies and your ISP

You don’t need to complete a course if you can show us you have acquired the skills in some other way

Once you have studied the curriculum for your programme thoroughly you might notice that you have already the skills required to complete a course. You can then apply for your skills to be acknowldged in the Credit Transfer system (in Pakki). Any University level studies will be accepted as free choice studies.

Information on accreditation of previous studies and previously acquired skills

ICT tools used in TAMK

The better you master the ICT tools used in TAMK the easier life will be. The Student's Guide in Intra is your main source of information. Make sure you ask from other students or from the Helpdesk when things don’t seem to work out.

Information on ICT services and systems

Where to find studies?

You find your compulsory studies in your curriculum. is a portal for online studies you might able to include in your degree (consult your tutor, study counsellor or head of programme first!) Pakki has a search engine for studies on offer, and LUKKARI helps you to make sure the lessons won’t overlap. After consulting your degree programme, you might include studies from Tampere University.

Curricula and other available studies

Language studies

All degree programmes include compulsory language studies. What is compulsory for you depends where you did your basic education. You can also include languages in your free choice studies. At the very end of your studies you will demonstrate your language skills in a thesis maturity test.

Information on language studies

Who will help to plan your studies?

There are many people ready to help you with your studies: your teacher tutor/coach, your study counsellor, and in practical things, the student tutors. Study affair coordinators deal with administrative issues. Turn to someone, and they will tell you whom to turn to next.

Find out who is there to help you

“If there is a will there is a way.” How can you reach your goals?

University studies require initiative from you. Spend time working out your dreams and goals concerning your future career. They are the basis for motivation and finding ways to complete the studies leading to interesting jobs. Getting things done on time is a skill you need to develop.

Information to help you study effectively

What kind of support is there to help me succeed? ”Success is the side-effect of wellbeing”

It is essential that you look after your health and wellbeing. The tutors, student counsellors, social counsellor, nurses and many others are there to support you. The sports facilities are there to help you stay physically fit.

Information on services supporting your health and wellbeing

Giving feedback is the way you can change things

We ask students to give feedback and in that way we develop TAMK. You are asked to tell what you thought of each course = course feedback. After giving it you will be able to see your grade. Every year we ask how things are going for you in general = annual feedback. Just before you graduate you are asked to review your whole time with us = graduate feedback. The feedback from all students are analysed and this way we notice what most of you see as the points to develop.

Information of feedback

Be aware of the laws and regulations affecting you

We work under the Finnish law. TAMK degree regulations specify your rights and your duties.

TAMK degree regulations

Benefits and daily routines that make life as a student easier

As a student, you are entitled to many reductions and benefits like the student healthcare, subsidised lunches etc. You need to have activities outside the studies, too, to keep you healthy and happy.

Information about benefits and student life