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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Course admission

Students for courses are primarily selected in accordance with the order of precedence described in the Regulations on Degrees. The regulations give priority to students for whom the course in question is compulsory. Depending on the course, more specific rules may be applied at the level of the faculty, degree programme or the individual course.

Students are not admitted to courses in order of enrolment. A very common basis for the order of precedence is the number of credits accumulated. This can be the total number, the number of credits in the degree programme or the number of credits in the specialisation option. Students in a specific phase of their studies can also be given priority in course admission. In addition to this, courses may require students to complete compulsory preceding studies in order to be admitted. These studies are specified in the curriculum guide or teaching schedule.

Published: 21.6.2019
Updated: 11.3.2024