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Tampere University Student's Handbook


Academic studies provide a good basis for entrepreneurship. Currently, one third of new entrepreneurs have a higher education degree. In the current job market, the overlap of and fluctuation between salaried work, entrepreneurship and other forms of employment is common in specialist work.

At Tampere University you can include entrepreneurship studies in the free-choice studies of your degree - read more about the Sustainable Entrepreneurship study module here.

Information on current courses can also be found at HUBS website (more information below). There are also courses related to entrepreneurship in the degree programmes.

You will find general information also on the national website Entrepreneurship as an option –



Welcome to HUBS, the number one spot in Tampere for entrepreneurial minded students!

Expand your understanding on entrepreneurship

HUBS is all about expanding your understanding on entrepreneurship and shaking you determinedly but gently towards your dreams. We believe in sustainable entrepreneurship and we want to help students to become socially responsible change makers. At HUBS, it is completely okay to slip up or make mistakes, as well as get excited and succeed. Dare to try different roles as a problem solver, entrepreneur and team learner. We promise a safe and encouraging atmosphere as well as credits for your efforts.

Good entrepreneurship isn’t only about making money – it’s about expressing your passion, developing new solutions and implementing them in a sustainable way. As an entrepreneur, you can make a positive impact on your own life, on the people around you and on the whole world.

Free-choice studies and sparring

We offer free-choice studies that develop the skills and knowledge of students around the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship. We support students who are planning to become entrepreneurs or have already become entrepreneurs in our Sparring clinic, through our mentor network and in our courses, that help to develop one’s own business idea and versatile skills that are needed as an entrepreneur. Our activities are open for every student in the Tampere Universities, regardless the field or year of study.  

We work closely with interesting partners: our students get to put their knowledge to the test and develop their skills in real-life challenges, given by diverse companies and organizations.  

Contact information

Further information on HUBS studies, events and services at

You can contact us: hubs [at]

Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 2.6.2023