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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Career events

The university offers students the opportunity to attend career themed trainings, lectures, webinars and events that are specifically designed to assist you with career planning and job hunting. Participation in our trainings and events is free of charge. The number of participants may be limited. The career related activities for international students are marketed using the ‘Study & Stay’ name and logo.

We communicate about our activities through various channels:

  • intranet news items
  • the programme coordinators
  • In the event calendar on Jobteaser (read more about Jobteaser here)
  • In the career events calendar below
  • Also remember recurring annual events

Career events calendar

Take a look at the career-themed events organized in the 3rd period, Spring 2024. Below you will find a list with links to the events.


Recurring annual events

The campuses of Tampere Universities annually organise recruitment events where you can meet employers and get to know opportunities for internships and jobs.

Keep yourself updated about the working life related events taking place in your guild and association.

Published: 13.5.2019
Updated: 3.4.2024