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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Career planning and guidance of doctoral student

During doctoral studies, the knowledge and skills needed for research as well as the wide-ranging skills that will help your later career develop through purposeful activities. Assessing your activities and thinking about career plans right from the start of the studies is an important skill you can practice. Developing one’s skills and recognizing one’s learning are also starting points for lifelong learning. You decide how to go about your career - do it consciously by noticing opportunities and reflecting on your strengths.

When planning your career, you may engage in for example these activities: 

Mobility periods during the studies provide merits especially in the academic career where jobs are highly competed. Various foundations and the University support international mobility periods eg by awarding grants. Employed doctoral researchers may also benefit from international secondment agreements. Check out further information on your options e.g., on the "Funding of doctoral studies" and "Mobility and internationalisation in doctoral studies" intrapages.



Published: 15.4.2019
Updated: 11.6.2024