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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Separate study right for working on the thesis

General guideline for students

If you want to continue your studies after the end of your study right, for example after receiving a negative decision on an extension application or if your study right has been deactivated, you can complete the studies included in your degree at Tampere University’s Open University. Open University studies are subject to a fee. The fees at Open University are €15 / credit. When studying at Open University, apply separately for each course via the Open University’s electronic application system. However, please note that Open University’s offerings vary by field. It is not possible to complete all the studies required for the degree, such as the thesis, at Open University. More information can be found on Open University’s pages.

If the thesis is the only thing that is still missing from your degree, the faculty may grant you a separate study right for the course Independent study for working on the thesis (0 credits) for a justified reason.
During the course, your user rights will remain valid.

Admission to the Independent study for working on the thesis (0 credits) course requires that you have already completed the studies and received the supervision related to the thesis. The study right in this course is meant for independent working on the thesis and completing it systematically. The study right is temporary and can be valid for two semesters at the most. This study right is exempt from fees.

In order to submit your thesis for assessment and to complete the degree, you must apply for additional study time and re-enrolment (reinstating the study right for a degree) at your faculty.


The student’s process in the course Independent study for working on the thesis (0 credits)

The student conducts an academic counselling discussion with the education specialist of the degree programme. Based on the discussion, the student can be advised to apply for this course. The student drafts a free-form application. The justifications and the plan to work independently on the thesis must be included in the application. The application is sent to the education specialist of the degree programme or the faculty’s official email address given by him or her.



Published: 28.10.2020
Updated: 10.6.2022