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TAMK Student's Handbook

Practices on internships in different degree programmes

1 The School of Social Services and Health Care: training placements and placements’ contracts

In the fields of social services, health care and rehabilitation, training placements are negotiated and agreed between Tamk and the organisations. The director of the School of Social Services and Health Care is responsible for concluding the contracts.

Many training placements are available in the online reservation system called Jobiili. (Please note that most placements in Jobiili offer mentoring only in Finnish.) A student reserves a placement for the pre-agreed period, during the given time. Placements which are not reserved from Jobiili, will be checked for their suitability and contract effectiveness. Teacher tutor will provide (or should be consulted for) further information and advice before reserving a placement. More information on health care/nursing placements can be found from Hoitotyön ohjattujen harjoitteluiden Moodle

PLEASE NOTE! When English mentoring is required, the training placement arrangements and reservations are agreed with the teacher tutor. For any special or alternative arrangements, always consult your teacher tutor or head of the degree programme for further advise.

2 Training contract in other fields

In other degree programmes, you search for the training place by yourself, usually by asking a training place directly from organisations. You enrol through PAKKI. The supervising teacher accepts the training place for the training period and signs the training contract.

Training places are provided at universities of applied sciences’ employment and information service called Jobteaser. As a rule, students acquire their training places by themselves. Additional tips and links to job search can be found in the Student's Guide.

No fee is paid for supervision of students to training organisations in other degree programmes. A contract is made on the training. The student fills in the contract and asks for the needed signatures.

Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 28.2.2024