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TAMK Student's Handbook

Degree certificates

Degree certificate

Tampere University of Applied Sciences awards you an electronic Finnish and English degree certificate for your bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

An electronic Finnish and English transcripts of records are given as an appendix to the degree certificate. In addition, you receive a Diploma Supplement for international use. 

The Diploma Supplement is a personal document on your degree. It does not replace your degree certificate. It gives information on your university of applied sciences, degree studies, their level and status and related qualifications in the Finnish education system. It also demonstrates the status of your degree in the national degree structure.

The Diploma Supplement facilitates international comparison of higher education degrees as well as fair recognition of degrees especially in Europe. It does however not guarantee recognition of your degree abroad.

Please check the correctness of your degree certificate after you have downloaded it via the download link you received to your personal email. Potential corrections are made free of charge for two (2) months after the graduation day.

Electronic diplomas awarded by Tampere University of Applied Sciences meet the highest EU level requirements. You can make copies of the file and keep an electronic signature on the copies. The signature is displayed through signature in the PDF file. In addition, the authenticity of the signature can be verified using the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's "Inspect PDF Document" service Fineid - Check the PDF document or on  TAMK's website The verification of electronic documents | Tampere University of Applied Sciences (

Professional teacher educations

TAMK awards you a Finnish and English certificate on completed professional teacher education, special needs teacher education and guidance counsellor education. You also receive a Certificate Supplement for international use.


More information on certificates and degree certificates: TAMK's Degree Regulations, §29.

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 18.1.2024