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TAMK Student's Handbook

Registration for courses and study practices for exchange students

Registration for courses

Only students who are registered as present at TAMK and who have a TAMK-issued user account can enrol on courses online. More information on course enrolment will be given during our Welcome Week.

Exchange students can choose courses from their field of study and from free-elective courses. On some courses, students are selected in the order in which they enroll and there are places available. For some courses, the attendance of exchange students is restricted.

Same rules apply to cross-institutional studies.

Academic culture

In Finnish universities the hierarchy is usually low. Titles are not used in discussions and most teachers and other staff can be called by their first name. From the beginning of their studies, students are considered to be full members of our university community, with the rights and responsibilities related to their position.

Freedom and responsibility in studies

The Finnish system of academic education gives students a great deal of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. This freedom also requires independence and responsibility from the student as choosing subjects and course units, avoiding overlapping courses and keeping the schedule balanced throughout the academic year may sometimes be difficult and time-consuming. Exchange students have to make a preliminary study plan already when applying to the university according to the guidelines of their home universities.

Please confirm with your home university whether they require you to complete a certain number of credits during your exchange study period. We have not set maximum limitations to the number of courses exchange students can take, but we expect students to complete at least 5 ECTS credits / month.

Finnish language courses

During the semester, incoming exchange students and trainees have a possibility to study Finnish as TAMK organizes Finnish language and culture courses. Finnish studies are highly recommended for all incoming participants to ensure their smooth integration into the society.

Published: 26.6.2019
Updated: 25.1.2024