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Course unit, curriculum year 2023–2024

Bioorganic Chemistry, 5 cr

Tampere University
Teaching periods
Active in period 3 (1.1.2024–3.3.2024)
Course code
Language of instruction
Academic years
2021–2022, 2022–2023, 2023–2024
Level of study
Advanced studies
Grading scale
General scale, 0-5
Persons responsible
Responsible teacher:
Nonappa Nonappa
Responsible organisation
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences 100 %
Coordinating organisation
Environmental Engineering and Chemistry Studies 100 %
Core content
  • Carbohydrates
  • amino acids, peptides and proteins
  • Catalysis, enzymatic reactions and biocatalysis
  • Nucleic acids; Lipids
  • Peptide coupling
Complementary knowledge
  • classification and nomenclature; reactions of monosaccharides; natural compounds from carbohydrates
  • synthesis and reactions of amino acids; reactions mechanisms
  • types of catalysis; coenzymes; reactions mechanisms; biocatalytic hydrolysis
  • DNA synthesis; reactions of fats and oils; terpenes and biosynthesis; steroids
  • preparation and characterization of dipeptides; structure elucidation by spectroscopy means; peptide coupling reagents; writing reports in concise manner
Specialist knowledge
  • anomeric effect; artificial sweeteners
  • proteins digestion; secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures of proteins
  • Enantio-differentiation; deracemizations; kinetic resolutions
  • nucleosides protecting groups; therapeutic agents
  • manipulation of chemicals; experiment design
Learning outcomes
Compulsory prerequisites
Recommended prerequisites
Further information
Learning material
Studies that include this course
Completion option 1
Completion of all options is required.

Participation in teaching

08.01.2024 27.02.2024
Active in period 3 (1.1.2024–3.3.2024)


27.02.2024 27.02.2024
Active in period 3 (1.1.2024–3.3.2024)