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About me

Rob Boddice (PhD, FRHistS) joined HEX in 2020. He has previously held positions at Harvard University, McGill University, the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, and Freie Universität Berlin. Boddice has published extensively in the history of medicine, the history of science and the history of emotions. His recent books include Emotion, Sense, Experience, with Mark Smith (Cambridge University Press, 2020), Humane Professions: The Defence of Experimental Medicine, 1876-1914 (Cambridge University Press, 2021). Feeling Dis-Ease in Modern History: Experiencing Medicine and Illness (Bloomsbury, 2022), edited with Bettina Hitzer, and Knowing Pain: A History of Sensation, Emotion and Experience (Polity, 2023). He is currently writing The Power of Belief: a book about the history of the placebo effect (Reaktion, 2026).