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ZDMP - Digitising and transforming European industry and services: digital innovation hubs and platforms

Tampere University

The ZDMP project will develop and establish a digital platform for connected smart factories for achieving excellence in manufacturing through zero-defect processes and products. ZDMP will combine state-of-the-art technological approaches based on commercial grade standards and solid open-source or previous project software with an innovative integration concept based on proven and integrated technologies. The project will provide process and product quality support on top of the platform layer.  

The ultimate aim is to establish a sustainable business and technological approach and launch a spin-of company ZDMP Limited, which represents the exploitation potential of the majority of the partners and may be supported through crowdsourcing and ZDMP ambassadors.


The ZDMP project is coordinated by UNINOVA - Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias from Portugal. The project is divided into 13 work packages and runs for 48 months from 2019 to 2022.

In terms of work allocation, the approach is logical as, for example, all the partners contribute to ZDMPs vision and are involved in much of the Business Challenge work package that sets a direction for the entire project. All the partners participate in the Impact activities. The clear assignment of responsibilities, efforts and the ownership of ZDMPs future results translate into a well-defined workload that facilitates better IA activities. Throughout the development and pilot phases, ZDMP will adopt an agile and sprint-based development methodology.


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In order to remain competitive and retain its leading manufacturing position, European industry must be able to deliver high-quality products and increase productivity while keeping costs down. The manufacturing industry is undergoing a substantial transformation due to the proliferation of new digital and ICT solutions, which are applied along the production process chain and are helping to make production more efficient, as in the case of smart factories.  

The goal of the ZDMP project is to develop and establish a digital platform for connected smart factories for achieving excellence in manufacturing through zero-defect processes and products and the use of zero-defect core services for developing applications. Just as phones evolved into smartphones, our goal is to accelerate the evolution of factories into smart factories and further into smart zero-defect factories. To achieve this, the Zero-defects Digital Manufacturing Platform will be designed and developed according to the principles of ubiquity, elasticity, extensibility, interoperability and openness.

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Contact persons

Jose Luis Martinez Lastra
jose.martinezlastra [at]

Anne Korhonen
Project Manager
anne.m.korhonen [at]
+358 50 300 2500

Samuel Afolaranmi
Project Researcher
samuel.afolaranmi [at]