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Valuating Lives through Infertility and Dementia: Science, Law and Patient Activism (VALDA)

Tampere University
Area of focusHealth, Society

The VALDA project investigates globally salient citizen welfare problems of infertility and dementia in the technologically advanced society of Finland. It explores and compares the phenomena of reproduction and aging from the perspective of valuation as practice.

Using ethnographic and text analysis methods, we study how experts in biomedicine and legislation and patients and their peer support communities order, manage and valuate infertility and dementia. 

Project group

Mianna Meskus, project leader (Tampere University)
Lotta Hautamäki (Tampere University)
Elina Helosvuori (Tampere University & University of Helsinki)
Riikka Homanen (Tampere University)
Kaisa Kivipuro (University of Helsinki)
Marianne Mäkelin (University of Helsinki)
Emilia Tikka (Tampere University and Aalto-University)