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Promoting digital skills in the low labour market-driven diabetes patients

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

1.To promote the ability of citizens with diabetes and the poor labor market position to utilize social and healthcare
digital services by providing training, counseling, guidance, and peer learning.
2.To develop literacy for citizens with diabetes and the poor labor market position to strengthen their involvement.
3.To strengthen the integration of actors of social and healthcare, municipalities, and civil society by developing a
functioning co-operation model for maintenance of citizens' digital skills.


The project aims to develop knowledge and practices that make it possible to prepare and respond to future
unforeseeable events that, when implemented, threaten not only the carrying capacity of society but also the health
and well-being of citizens and their ability to act. As a result, the digital skills of healthcare clients and their labor
market position have improved, and the clients can utilize different digital platforms more easily. The digital platforms
are accessible to their clients or target groups.
The project will begin on 1.10.2021 and ending on 31.8.2023. It will be implemented in cooperation between four
organizations: Tampere University of Applied Sciences, The Finnish Diabetes Association, City of Tampere, and The
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.
The project is divided into three parts under its share objectives. Each share objective is built in different measures.

Funding source

Euroopan sosiaalirahasto (ESR) 2014-2020

Contact persons

Tuula-Maria Rintala
tuula-maria.rintala [at]