Modelling and Superconductivity

Our research focus is in the mathematical fundamentals of modelling and their application to modelling superconducting technologies.

Research focus and goals

Specific research areas are related to mathematical structures underlying numerical modelling methods and modelling of superconducting magnets in disturbance conditions. In the latter area we collaborate significantly with CERN, and other international research groups working within superconductor technology of particle accelerators. We strive to benefit from the research we have done within the former area in the challenges we confront in the latter.

Research questions are, for example, what do different discretizations behind different numerical methods have in common and can this be generalized to common good, and for superconductor technology, how to protect the superconducting magnets against disturbances in the possible successor of LHC, Future Circular Collider.

Challenges in our research are include high abstraction level required for the mathematics and non-standard modelling problem for experimental superconducting magnets.

Contact persons

Antti Stenvall

Adjunct professor

+358 50 491 0413