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Innovation Studies Group

Innovation Studies Group (ISG) is a part of the Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (TaSTI), Faculty of Social Sciences. ISG's research focus on innovation activities, innovation policies and innovations' space and significance in contemporary societies.

Research focus and goals

Interest goes essentially beyond any single organization to wider innovation environments such as innovation (eco-)systems, communities and open innovation platforms. During the recent years, the group's focus has shifted towards inclusion and expansion of innovation activities (e.g. new countries and regions, sectors and societal stakeholder groups).

Innovation Studies Group has two major goals: It intends both to produce academic knowledge for the international scholarly society and to contribute to socially and ecologically sustainable innovation activities through development activities and education.

Globelics Association, an international scholarly society for innovation and development studies, is a focal network for ISG. The group has organised Globelics Academy PhD summer school every second year since 2008. As a result, there is an international network of PhD alumni covering especially the global south.

The most recent projects conducted by the group include the following:

Other members

Researchers: Researcher, doctoral student Anna Chiechomska; Research assistant Aino Ollila; Researcher Sonja Tiitola; Project Secretary Eeva Heikkilä; Research Assistant Matias Heikkilä; University Researcher, Adj. Professor Mika Kautonen; Researcher, doctoral student Nadja Nordling.

Affiliated PhD researchers: Ilari Lindy (SAIS/Niras Finland), Antti Alaja (Kalevi Sorsa Foundation), Jukka Hyvönen (Aalto University).

Contact persons

Mika Kautonen

Adjunct professor, university researcher

mika.kautonen [at]

+358 40 551 9282


Nadja Nordling

Project manager

nadja.nordling [at]

+358 50 318 7404