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Technology education is a new field in the Core curriculum for early childhood education and care (2018), therefore continuing education of the early childhood professionals is needed to promote know-how of craft and technology education (STEAM). Aim of the InnoPlay-project is to develop pedagogical models integrating craft, design and technology learning with environmental learning, art and mathematics through play, exploration and self-expression.

The InnoPlay-project is a close co-operation of three universities: Turku, Helsinki and Tampere. It brings together researchers, educators and students of the teacher education as well as early childhood education teachers, pre-primary education teachers and class teachers of the municipalities. The aim of this project is also to establish a models of continuous learning and in-service training to support teachers in daycare and pre-school level.

Funding source

Ministry of Education and Culture, the key project (2018-2021) 

Coordinating organisation

University of Turku (project leader Eila Lindfors)



University of Helsinki and INNOKAS-network

Tampere University