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eTraining FinPal

Tampere University

eTraining FinPal stands for Online Training of Trainers: Initiative to Develop Pedagogical Practices in Palestinian Higher Education. It is a development cooperation project between Higher Education in Transition (HET) research group operating at Tampere University in Finland and Academic Affairs at the Islamic University of Gaza in Palestinian Territories.


The project is divided into 5 consecutive phases:

  1. Assessment of the context and needs of the teaching staff at Islamic University of Gaza
  2. Designing the study programme on university pedagogy
  3. Training of trainers
  4. Dissemination of the programme and establishing the University pedagogy unit at Islamic University of Gaza
  5. Programme evaluation


The project aims to improve pedagogical competencies and academic teaching capacity of staff members at Islamic University of Gaza. Furthermore, the aim is to establish a University pedagogy unit at Islamic University of Gaza that will offer a study programme on academic teaching to other Palestinian higher education institutions. The wider goal of the project is to enhance the quality of educational process in Palestinian higher education thus supporting societal development.

Funding source

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (HEI ICI)

Contact persons

Vesa Korhonen

University Lecturer & Project Coordinator

vesa.korhonen [at]

+358 40 190 1465


Nazmi Al-Masri

Associate Professor & Local Project Coordinator

nmasri [at]

+970 599465656