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Corporate security development program

The aim of the project is to develop business security expertise, innovation activities and new operating practices in Satakunta. The project will develop both business-to-business networks and cooperation with different experts and authorities. The aim of the project is to develop Satakunta's corporate security, new operating practices and culture, as well as capacity building, for example for cyber threats, and to promote the use of digitalisation as part of security management.

The corporate security development program is implemented in cooperation between Prizztech Oy, the University of Tampere's Pori unit and the Western Finland Rescue Training Area Foundation. The knowledge capital and networks of the three actors will be utilized in the implementation of the project, and in addition, expert resources and authorities of various security themes will be networked in the project activities. Businesses are offered an extensive network of ideas, development and sharing of expertise to promote security.

The concrete measures of the project include various workshops, networking events, simulations, exercises and surveys to enhance security management, security culture, public policy cooperation practices, digital solutions and cyber security.

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