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Computer Vision Group

Computer Vision Group's objective is to advance fundamental knowledge about computer vision. The core research topics are computer vision, image processing, machine learning and pattern recognition which are applied in robotics and intelligent software.

Research focus and goals

Computer Vision Group develops new algorithms and models for processing and analyzing 2D and 3D images and videos. Our algorithms and models have applications in robots and intelligent software. Typical research topics are, for example, object detection, object pose estimation, object tracking, 3D reconstruction and imaging. There are also many applications in medical science.

Our research is funded by the Academy of Finland, European Commission (EU), Business Finland and many private companies. We collaborate with other research groups in Tampere University as well as many national and international research institutes.

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Contact persons

Joni Kämäräinen

joni.kamarainen [at]

Esa Rahtu

esa.rahtu [at]