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B2N Business to Nature: Stakeholder-driven value creation in ecosystem services

Tampere University

In order to meet the urgent social and environmental challenges of sustainable cities, this interdisciplinary study addresses the question of how businesses can contribute to the generation of ecosystem services. Bridging the domains of stakeholder theory and ecosystem services research, we aim to supplement the view of “business from nature” with the view of “business to nature” (B2N)


Our hypothesis is that relational value creation has significant capacity in solving sustainability. We pose the following question: How do business-stakeholder-nature relationships evolve and contribute to value creation in the process of generating new ecosystem services? The study uses three cases of urban-ecological restoration for theory development regarding relational value creation and stakeholder-driven ecosystem services. The study helps to enhance the quality of life for the involved stakeholders and supports the improvement of urban environments.

Funding source

Academy of Finland

Contact persons

Johanna Kujala

johanna.kujala [at]

+358 50 420 1509