Public event

When East Meets West – An Evening with Manoucher Parvin

In this rare event, we have the honour of hearing Manoucher Parvin, an Iranian-American author, talk about his work.

Parvin is the author of five novels, numerous poems and some short stories that explore Iranian, American and other cultures and their meeting points. He is particularly interested in questions of diaspora and identity, in what it means to live between cultures.

Manoucher Parvin will briefly talk about the relations between literature and immigration and then read from his works. The event will be accompanied by the music of Yogiitar.

The main language of the event is English, with some parts in Finnish and Farsi.

This is an exceptional opportunity to become acquainted with the extraordinary universe of Manoucher Parvin’s works. Welcome!

Assistant Professor johannes.riquet [at] (Johannes Riquet), tel. 050 437 7060