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Webinar on Cities and Circular Economy (12:00 pm EEST)

A webinar on Cities and Circular Economy on Wednesday April 7th 2021.
Risk Management and Circular Economy Master’s students present: A webinar on Cities and Circular Economy

Cities are the beating hearts of the global economy, home to more than half of the world’s population, and central spots of creative and innovative growth. All of which make cities perfect locations to kickstart, spread, and globalise the Circular Economy concept.  

Who can lead the transition of cities to a circular economy? How can businesses adapt and contribute to the transition? What do cities and their inhabitants benefit from a circular economy? And what is the role and importance of cities in transitioning towards Circular Economy?  

Answers and opinions from students and expert keynote speakers. 

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RimCE class of 2020 (Risk Management and Circular Economy)

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