Public event

The regulation of teachers’ learning and pedagogical development

Open interactive research seminar.

University teachers require their students to develop good learning skills and an ability to constantly reflect their own thinking in order to develop their expertise. This means that students need skills to regulate their own learning and development. But do teachers require these same regulation skills from themselves, and are they able to regulate their own teaching and development as teachers?

In his presentation Professor Jan Vermunt sheds light on this question of teachers’ own regulatory skills and reflection as a part of their pedagogical development. In this seminar you will hear about Professor Vermunt’s research results concerning both teachers’ and students’ learning approaches and regulation skills.

It will be discussed how teachers can learn to develop their pedagogical skills and thus to improve their teaching. You will also have a possibility to discuss in small groups with your colleague teachers at the Tampere University about your own experiences and beliefs about teaching and pedagogical development. Come to join this interactive seminar!

The seminar is organised by the Tampere University Pedagogical team at the Faculty of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Government Key Projects: University Pedagogical Support UNIPS, led by University of Turku, and HowUTeach, led by University of Helsinki.

13:00-14:00 Teacher regulation / Jan Vermunt
14:00-15:00 Small group working / tutors: Mari Murtonen, Liisa Postareff, Anna Parpala
15:00-16:00 Discussing teachers’ examples and questions / Jan Vermunt

Invited speaker and tutors:
Jan Vermunt is a Professor of Professional learning and Educational innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven School of Education.
Mari Murtonen is a Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy at the University of Tampere and a Research Leader of the UNIPS project at the University of Turku.
Liisa Postareff is an Associate Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy at the University of Turku and A Head of Research at the Häme University of Applied Sciences
Anna Parpala is an Adjunct Professor and a University Lecturer of quality and student feedback, and a Director of the UniHow system and HowUTeach project at the University of Helsinki

We warmly welcome all interested university staff and doctoral students to participate!

We kindly ask you to register by filling out this form by 29 April, 2019

For more information, please contact neea.heinonen [at] (Neea Heinonen)