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OASIS Lunch Time Talks: Intimate Games: Queering the Conventional Mouse Controller for Cooperative Play

CoE in Game Culture Studies presents a series of OASIS Lunch Time Talks and this month’s second speaker is

Sabine Harrer.

The title of the talk is Intimate Games: Queering the Conventional Mouse Controller for Cooperative Play.

The talk will be streamed.

Within the fields of HCI and game design, conventional practice has been criticised for perpetuating the status quo and marginalising users beyond the norm, for example through genderized assumptions about interaction. To solve this problem of “digital conservatism" one recommended strategy has been queering; the use of mischievous, spaceful, and oblique design principles. This talk focuses on the gamer mouse as an example for a conventional input device whose interactive affordances can be expanded through queering. I first look at how the mouse has been traditionally framed in technology studies, game culture, and queer game studies. In these three domains, the mouse has been consistently reduced to its functionality as high-precision point-and-click device, constructing it as seemingly hard-wired to cater to male-centred pleasures.

I then discuss three experimental game design strategies to queer the mouse controller in The Undie Game, a cooperative wearable mouse-based installation game by the Copenhagen Game Collective. By creating a social, silly, and potentially daunting play experience, The Undie Game reinterprets the affordances of the computer mouse to bring subjects like consent, failure, and ambiguity into play.

The Undie Game will be available for play.

This event is free and open to all, welcome!

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