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History of Experience 2023

Tampere University
Location Tampere
Tampere University
13.3.2023 0.00–15.3.2023 2.00
Entrance feeHas entrance fee
The fifth annual HEX conference “Collective Experiences in History” will take place at Tampere University, Finland, on 13-15 March 2023

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as well as the escalating climate crisis point to the acute necessity of understanding collective experiences. How do we conceive of and perceive what happens to us together? How do we collectively react (or fail to react) to such experiences? The era of social media creates new ways to share experiences and emotions, revealing how collective experiences can be produced and mediated. Why do some events and experiences seem to be collectively shared and acted upon while others do not?

To answer these and other related questions, the conference will be an opportunity to develop collective experiences as a concept for historical analysis and explanation.

More information on the programme and registration on the event web pages. 


Tampere University and HEX - Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences

Further information

Conference coordinator: Mikko Kemppainen,, Practical arrangements: