Marja Vehviläinen

University Lecturer, sukupuolentutkimus
Faculty of Social Sciences
| Sub unit: Unit of Social Research


Research: Nordic Centre of Excellence on Women in Technology Driven Careers, Norwit (2017-2 022) is funded by NordForsk, lead by Professor Gabriele Griffin from Uppsala University and consists of three core research teams at Uppsala University, Tampere University and the Western Norway Research Institute. Nordwit investigates gender equality and women’s career opportunities in research and innovation in academia and beyond; is focused on technology-driven research (health technology, digital humanities, e-health); also examines research and innovation as regional (research-intensive region, rural region) collaboration between universities and the private and public sectors; endeavours to create conversation and local action in order to advance gender equality in research and innovation.:


Gender and Intersectionality in Research and Innovation, sessions in the Nordic STS conference, June 2019, Tampere, see the abstracts in the programme, session 1 , session 2 , session 3 , session 4 , session 5 

Gender Equality in Research and Innovation seminar on Sept 18, 2019, Helsinki, with TANE.

Open panel: Old Academies and Emerging Worlds: Feminist Encounters in Changing STS Contexts, 4S/EASST conference, Prague Aug 18-21, coordinated by Gabriele Griffin and Marja Vehviläinen.

Panel: Gendering research in and outside academia Gender Studies, in the Conference Reclaiming Futures Nov 12-13, 2020, Tampere, coordinated with Maria Pietilä, Hilde Corneliussen and Minna Salminen Karlsson.

1.1.2020- on leave from teaching.